The King of soups is here to help busy, stressed out and tired people with tight schedules who barely have time to cook at home posed by a busy lifestyle, work stress and constant traffic congestion etc. We are here to offer those with little or no time to go to the market after work and prepare their desired home-made meals an option of getting well prepared Nigerian dishes, cooked under very hygienic conditions and replacing the eat-out options they have been compelled to. We are here also for those that crave for delicious finger licking dishes too.

Our aim is not to provide you with tasty finger licking and delicious meals but also to provide you with meals prepared to maximally preserve all nutritional benefits of all ingredients still preserving its unique and delicious taste the dish gives. Leaving it not just sweet, tasty and delicious but also fresh and healthy.

Cooking is not just our hobby but a passion we have. We boast of an experience in cooking for over 20 years (our least experienced cook).

Your orders are delivered to you anywhere in Lagos fresh and can be stored in the freezer for future use, defrosted when hunger knocks and savoured.

All you need do is select your preferred soups/meals, add to cart, proceed with necessary information and place your order.  You can conveniently pay Cash on Delivery or online using your debit card. Your order will be delivered to you speedily.

Irrespective of your schedule and more, the King of soups is all you need.